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We offer adventure tours such as:
- Paragliding.
- Downhill mountain.
- Down and snow climbing.
- Biking.
- Zip line.
- Lowering of bridges.

From the heights to the Amazon ... A journey from the 4,500 m to 900 m.s.n.m. crossing the Cordillera Real and four ecological zones: Prairie High Andean Páramo Yungueño, Ceja de Monte Yungueño and Tropical Rainforest. You can see the most important technical achievements by the municipality of La Paz: the eight hydroelectric plants that generate 60% of energy that requires the city of La Paz..

Magic and Adventure in the Mirror of the World's Largest Salt, where land merges with the sky.

The beauty and solitude in rugged and inhospitable terrain, never had better representation in the Salar de Uyuni, more than 3,600 meters above sea level and with its 12,000 km2, is the largest salt mirror the world. Located south of Oruro and Potosi west of the town of Uyuni is the starting point of many expeditions to the salar, the possibility of getting lost in this vast sea of salt is one more of the emotions that are added to this journey.

Lake Titicaca "Stone Puma" is the highest navigable lake in the world and the largest 3810msnm freshwater lake in Latin America. It covers over 8710 km ². Of which 5260 km ² are in Peru and 3,450 km ² to Bolivia and extends from northwest to southeast with 190 km. long and at its widest point is 80 km. With a narrow channel that separates the lake into two bodies, called Lago Menor or "Huiñay Brand" and Lake Maggiore "Chucuito".

Main archaeological site of Bolivia. It is located 72 km. of the city of La Paz. In an area of 30 hectares, presents a set of remains Templars of Tiwanaku culture, including the temple of Kalasasaya (126 by 117 meters), within which is the famous Puerta del Sol, with its enigmatic subterranean temple gargoyle heads and Kantataita residues, and Kericala Putuni. Also you can see the pyramids and Pumapunku Akapana (discovered only in part and currently under excavation).

Coroico is 96 km from La Paz at 1,525 m, located in the subtropical zone, rich in agriculture, such as citrus, banana and coca leaf. Along the way are beautiful views with high contrast, rising first to the summit at 4650 m, surrounded by snowcapped mountains and stunning glaciers. Crossing the Andes, to descend rapidly to 1,150 m in Yolosa in just two hours, with an impressive change from the highlands to the Amazon entry.

Sorata is a temperate valley and beautiful countryside at the foot of Illampu. There are several walks around the village, such as going to the seminar and small waterfalls Sword of the San Cristóbal. North of the town is the grotto of St. Peter with a beautiful and large inner lagoon. The craft is relevant tissues in the population, so that you can find sweaters, hats, gloves and fabric panels or frames with landscapes and native traits finely finished, which are very characteristic of the area.

Huayna Potosi is one of the favorites for climbers snow, because of their characteristics and their massive snowy ascent.

Our specialty is also organizing trips and events for groups, conventions.